Nob and Nobility

BlackadderIt’s the time of the French Revolution and all of London is being overrun with French aristocrats, much to the annoyance of Edmund. After he disparages The Scarlet Pimpernel in front of two noblemen, Edmund claims that he will go to France and rescue a nobleman. But when the revolution extends to the French Embassy while Edmund is visiting, he may need rescuing himself…

Order the DVDswritten by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
directed by Mandie Fletcher
music by Howard Goodall

Guest Cast: Chris Barrie (Revolutionary Ambassador), Tim McInnerny (Lord Topper / The Comte d’Frufru / The Scarlet Pimpernel), Nigel Planer (Lord Smedley / Mme La Guillotine / The Scarlet Pimpernel)

Notes: Chris Barrie is best known from his UK sitcom roles: Arnold J. Rimmer in the sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf and Gordon Brittas in The Brittas Empire. He also portrays Lara Croft’s butler Hilary in the Tomb Raider series of films.

Tim McInnerny here makes his only appearance in Blackadder The Third. He chose not to portray a new version of Percy (for fear of being typecast), making this the only Blackadder series in which he was not a regular.

Nigel Planer is best known from his portrayal of hippie Neal on groundbreaking UK sitcom The Young Ones.

Nob and Nobility did not originally air in the United States, due to copyright issues concerning the character of The Scarlet Pimpernel.

LogBook entry by Philip R. Frey