Major Star

BlackadderWith the overthrow of the Czar, Russia has pulled out of the war. In an effort to boost morale, General Melchett decides to put on a show for the troops and Edmund takes the assignment when he learns it could lead to a return to London. George is a fantastic success in drag as “Georgina”. So successful, in fact, that the General falls in love with “her” and his thoughts turn to marriage…

Order the DVDswritten by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
directed by Richard Boden
music by Howard Goodall

Guest Cast: Gabrielle Glaister (Driver “Bob” Parkhurst)

Notes: Gabrielle Glaister portrayed another cross-dressing “Bob” in the Blackadder II episode Bells and returns as Parkhurst in the next episode, Private Plane.

LogBook entry by Philip R. Frey