And Only Man Is Vile

Devon, Garth and Rachel enter a biosphere that’s been left in prime condition – fresh food everywhere, clean quarters…and no people to be found, at least until Garth discovers a young woman named Lethe, who appears to be in shock after the rest of her people suddenly abandoned her – or so she says. She […]

Half Life

Logan’s hovercraft is ensnared in a net, and primitive humans surround them with 20th century weapons. A different group of people arrives with more sophisticated weapons, driving the primitives away. This new group’s leader introduces his people as Positives, and calls the others Negatives; he offers Logan and his friends shelter from the Negatives. But […]


A strange, playful imp boards the Navy’s Triton 1 undersea research station, and everyone with whom he comes into physical contact reverts to a childlike state of mind. By the time Mark reaches Triton 1, only one crewmember is left alive, and he is taken back to shore via the Cetacean. But Moby has followed […]

And A Cup Of Kindness Too

At Grand Central Station, a man collapses on the floor and no one stops to help him – no one, that is, until already-distracted Jack Nordoff helps him up. Jack is not there to catch a train, but to see off his soon-to-be-ex-wife before the divorce proceedings heat up. The man Jack helped, Waldo Chase, […]