Into The LabyrinthRothgo is in trouble. Weakened by his most recent battle with Belor, he is vulnerable to her abilities to twist his mind, and she causes him to forget his three young helpers. Phil, Terry and Helen are sent off-course in their plunge through time and the labyrinth, while Rothgo is convicted as a practitioner of forbidden magic and sentenced to execution. Phil, Helen and Terry find him, but he doesn’t recognize them. Even as he slowly regains his power and his wits, Rothgo is at a disadvantage this time.

Order the DVDswritten by Ray Jenkins
directed by Peter Graham Scott
music by Sidney Sager

Into The LabyrinthCast: Ron Moody (Rothgo), Pamela Salem (Belor), Lisa Turner (Helen), Simon Henderson (Terry), Simon Beal (Phil), Tim Bannerman (Pierre), John Abineri (Julien), Philip Manikum (Guard)

LogBook entry by Earl Green