Turtles: the LARP

Turtles!In the old arcade game Turtles, you’re supposed to pick up baby turtles and carry them someplace safe.

On the way home from picking up dog food this afternoon, me and Little E saw a little turtle crossing the road. Keep in mind, this is the road where people take a blind corner so fast that I’m scared to let my kid play in the yard (and I worry about anyone living in the pasture too). Do I think someone’s going to stop for a little turtle? Aw shell no.

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Kitten home found!

The itty bitty kitty is now someone else’s welcoming committee!

Spooky Cat

Here she is, just a few minutes before her new family came to pick her up. Her name is now Spook, and she’s spreading kitten kraziness to a new home. I hear she’s making the whole family very happy.

Bon voyage, Spooky cat. We were glad to have you here with our motley assortment o’ kitties, but we’re even more glad you’re bringing the pint-sized fuzzy crazy to a new family.

Adopt this kitten!

The Tail Waggin’ Mail Wagon has once again made a pickup and now needs to make a delivery. This would be kitty #6 for us, and with me presently not employed, the sustainability of having the existing five cats is a big question mark. Number Six needs to find a new village. She’s a very pretty kitty.

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