Conversations with E, day 3667

Oompa LoompasE: Hey dad, you want to hear me recite the Preamble to the Constitution?
ME: Sure.
E: [recites the Preamble word-for-word, only a little bit haltingly]
ME: Wow.
E: Did I get it right?
ME: Yeah you did. I’m gonna cast a write-in vote for you to be president in a few years.
E: Whaaaat?
ME: I can already tell you’ve read more of the Constitution than the guy who’s there now.

The Little Green Men on closeness

Too closeFrom time to time when he was younger, and occasionally still now, E has struggled with the concept of personal space – you couldn’t violate his, but he could get all over anyone else. So the following interaction as all three of us sat on the sofa watching something on TV amused me greatly.

  • E [watches intently]
  • C [cuddles up to E]: Hiiiiii!
  • E [ignores little brother]
  • C [getting in his big brother’s face]: HIIIIIIIII!
  • ME: Hey, C. Back off. Personal space.
  • C [still in big brother’s face]: PERSONAL SPAAAAAAAAAACE!

At this point I just kind of had to try to hide how hard I was laughing at it all.

The Little Green Men on hippo feasts

Fiona says helloWe’re big fans of Fiona the Hippo, the adorable superstar of the Cincinnati Zoo, at my house. Little C knows her as “the baby hippo”; E just likes to watch watermelons tossed into the hippo cove, where Fiona’s full-sized parents devour them whole. As we watched a Youtube playlist of the Cincinnati Zoo’s hippos – including Fiona – the boys provided the following narration:

E: Watermelons! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

C: Deeeeeeeelicious, hippos!

😆 It’s doesn’t get better than when they team up and tag-team something like this, each with their own sense of humor.

The one about the Pokemon

I know a lot of you are sick to death of hearing about Pokemon Go, but let me tell you, if you have a kid who’s accustomed to sitting on the sofa to catch his or her Pokemon, and now they’re all but begging you to get out and about so they can hunt for Pokemon instead of staying inside in air conditioning, you realize this is the greatest thing ever. The Wii was Nintendo getting us off our butts; this is Nintendo getting us out of the house.

All of the headlines that have made you question the sanity and/or value of humanity in the past week? Some of that stuff might not have happened if folks had something in common, something that brought people from disparate backgrounds together to actually get to know each other.

Even if that something is looking for imaginary critters with ridiculous names, that’s better than hunkering down in the bunker and being afraid of each other, right?

Conversations with Little E: Day 3188

Chief AndersonYou know, son, back in my day, anime was wide-eyed folks doing good and occasionally forming up into giant robots…

ME: So…wait a minute. It’s called Yo-Kai Watch because…he’s actually wearing…a Yo-Kai…watch?

E: Yeah, dad. What did you think it would be?

ME: I thought maybe…it’d be like…I dunno…a tornado watch?

E: A tornado watch? Dad! That wouldn’t make any sense.

ME: And that way season 2 could be Yo-Kai Warning…

E: Dad! Just stop!

And then BB-8 vanquished the basilisk

E and I played a Tuesday night game of checkers, during which he told me he wanted to introduce some sort of “battle” element to the game. After we finished our game, I fired up the old Apple II game Archon and let him watch the demo mode, and he was instantly hooked, but underwhelmed with the graphics and sound.

So I showed him the NES version. Hooked times two.

Then he proposed we turn it into a board game with our checker board. The following wonderful madness ensued. Read More