A glimpse of our new carpet-less reality.

Cat table cat

I laid my bathrobe on the coffee table for some reason that I forget (probably something to do with taking naps on that couch since it’s under a window that allows a lovely breeze into the house), and that table (and the robe) have now become a favorite vacation destination for the fearsome five. The only cat I haven’t seen take up temporary residence on the robe/table is Puck, but he’s a black cat, and it’s a black robe, so it’s possible that he was there, unseen, like a little furry ninja. A slightly fat little furry ninja.

We won’t be able to put in flooring for a while, and I need to duct tape the edges of the entryway tile and the kitchen/dining room tile so they don’t get chipped, but so far… I’m loving sweeping instead of vacuuming. It ain’t pretty, but it’s a hell of a lot cleaner, even if all of my decorating ideas (painting parking spaces for each cat, painting aircraft carrier stripes leading to the rest of the house) have been shot down.

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