Ain’t it funny how the night moves… while it’s reading in bed

I put Evan to bed tonight and he kept on talking to himself for quite a while, so I thought it was worth checking out. I’m getting better about being a “quick draw” with my phone’s camera, and as I peeked around the corner into his room, I saw this little face:

Little E and me

But what the heck was he still doing up with that light on? As it turns out, he was sitting in bed, using the light on his toy clock to read. Now, the books he was reading (the holy trinity – If You Give A Pig A Party, If You Give A Cat A Cupcake and If You Give A Moose A Muffin – that we read every single night), he’s almost certainly memorized, so I’m not sure about really reading. But am I going to discourage this? Hell no.

His harsh sentence was to have this picture taken by daddy:

Little E and me

…that’ll show him. Of course, this kinda distracted him and he wanted to take more pictures, with him holding his clock light under his face, ghost-stories-around-the-campfire-style. Tell me this doesn’t look like a super-close-up of one of those goofy Hollywood space helmets that throw buckets of light at the wearer’s face (so you can see the highly-paid face in question, of course) which would naturally glare out anything said spaceman is trying to see outside of his helmet:

Little E and me
My God, Obi’s head is full of stars!… well, at least that’s more likely than finding it full of functioning, firing synapses

And here’s one he took of me after a very quick lesson in how to operate the camera on my phone:

Little E and me

As far as the lack of discipline on this, let me just say this: most of the most useful and fascinating knowledge I’ve ever gained in this life has been gleaned from late-night reading binges. This is one area where I don’t mind at all if he turns out like me.

Four years ago today we discovered this little guy would be joining our family, and every day continues to be as full of discoveries for me as it is for him. I love it.

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