My assistant editor

BRRRRRRFFFFFFSo I had to rebuild some of PDF Level 2 tonight when I discovered that Evan had apparently done some…ah…work on it. Note to son of mine: if you’re angling for an “assistant editor” credit, you actually have to leave intact some of what was originally there. :shocked: No sweat, though, because this one’s almost a breeze to put together compared to the first one, at least where compositing and other things come in. Part of the whole reason to have an Avid at home, whether I’m still “in the biz” or not, is to keep discovering new tricks and, yes, new workarounds. Knowing how/why the machine does some of the things it does helps me find ways of tricking it into doing certain things for me, perhaps more efficiently than I’d done them before, and occasionally allowing me to do stuff that I simply hadn’t worked out how to do before now. It keeps me in the loop. Or it keeps me loopy. Not sure which, really. Suffice to say, even Evan deleting a couple of layers of effects/text/compositing wasn’t a disaster – it was a head-scratch and 15 minutes of rebuilding what had been there before. No sweat. I really wish I’d known some of these tricks when I was working at the station, but hey, no biggie. I still like what I’m doing now better.

CGE DVD news: pre-orders begin very soon. There have been just a few last-minute course-corrections on the homestretch, mainly of the “how are we gonna do this?” variety, but be looking very soon for a pre-order page with packaging shots, maybe a video preview or two, and other assorted goodness. The delivery date has slipped to right after the new year, but I think the results are worth the wait.

If all goes well, I’m hoping to record all of my intros and voice bits for the year-end podcast thingie tomorrow morning; I’ve got all the stuff written, now I just hope my sinuses clear up and my voice doesn’t sound like chicken fried crap. Or doesn’t sound more like it than usual. I’ve had a nasty bug since Sunday morning, but it’s been a stomach bug that’s had me stranded in the bathroom a lot (which is, I’m sure, more than you ever wanted to know); now I’m trying hard not to catch what Evan and his mom are in the process of getting over.

Under 24 hours to go on the Torchwood figure auctions; links if you wanna see ’em: Captain Jack, Weevil, Cyberwoman.

Also, if you’re aquainted with the apparently-un-chase-away-able phenomenon known as RugalSizzler on Digital Press and other forums, you need Sizz-wear. Trust me on this one. (If you have no idea what it’s about…stay away! You need your brain cells intact.)

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