So I finally got around to creating a Facebook account (how 2006 of me, huh?), and I’ve gotta say, I’m way more in love with Facebook already than I think I ever have been with Myspace or, lately, Livejournal. Facebook automatically does what those services damn well ought to be able to do: take the RSS feed from my blog and incorporate it into my profiles as if I’m writing it there as well. I’ve grown really tired of reposting my blog entries on LJ and MS, and let me tell you, Facebook’s ability to do that one simple thing makes me think seriously about letting those others slide. I used to be able to add stuff to my Livejournal blog automagically, but somewhere in there, LJ changed things around and broke the WordPress-to-Livejournal plugin. And as much of a pain in the butt as everyone on LJ thought it was to have to log in to my blog to comment, I kinda miss having all the commenting going on in one place instead of two or three places – it makes the “real” blog look pretty barren. 😆

Anyway, if I do make any drastic decisions, you’ll hear about it here. In the meantime, here’s ye olde Facebooke profile for anyone who wants to add me.

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