Night of the Cuddlebugs

Evan vs. CuddlebugsThrough a total fluke of gift-giving from several folks, Evan has wound up with a surfeit of Cuddlebugs. They arrived in various forms – they can be strapped to his wrists, slipped onto his feet, hung over his head, held and played with (or just gnawed on) (or thrown in the general direction of nearby cats), and you can practically cover the kid in ’em.

And he kicks and wiggles like crazy. (Just like just about any sane kid covered in bugs would, really, if you think about it.) They drive him absolutely nuts. This is the sort of thing that helpfully gives otherwise well-adjusted children undefeatable lifelong phobias.

Aren’t they cute?

(Don’t ask me about the cow. He tried to stick the cow in his mouth last night. Obviously, unlike the cuddlebugs, he does not fear the cow.)

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