How very strange.

So today the boy came with me to his grandparents’ house so I could do the horse-feeding thing and they could look after him. As I was leaving to go stuff hay into horse faces, he was pitching a fit the likes of which I’ve seldom heard him do before – screeching like a banshee. When I got back, he was much calmer, doin’ his binky thing, and watching Blue’s Clues. Apparently for about half the time I was gone, he screeched and squealed. My mother-in-law told me in no uncertain terms that Evan is apparently a daddy’s boy – female caretakers need not apply.

I innocently replied that I simply didn’t know how this could’ve happened. 😆

Evan and Olivia, a few days ago

In other news, Evan has topped 15 pounds, and as such has gone up a diaper size – leaving us with a nearly-full box of post-newborn-sized diapers for That Other Green Baby (No Relation) (congrats to Brian “icbrkr” and his wife, by the way). Other stuff, especially clothes in the 1-4 month range, are rapidly piling up too, and considering how much help we had in terms of clothes and baby supplies, etc., being given to us, it seems only appropriate that it all be passed along once again. My little boy isn’t staying very little…

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