3 thoughts on “I kinda had a feeling this might be the case”

  1. I’m not terribly surprised either. I expected it, in fact. Both David Tenant and Christopher Eccleston were established and known actors before appearing as the good Doctor. Except for Peter Davison, the other actors were not known before they became Doctors. As a result they pretty much were type cast and had little success post-Dr. Who. Eccelston and Tennant are not in any danger in becoming typecast since they’ve established themselves before becoming doctors.

    However, to avoid becoming typecast they can’t stay in that role very long. Tom Baker was the Doctor for a very long time and his attempts to break type were not successful. I’m sure both Eccleston and Tennant are aware of the danger of becoming typecast and that’s why they’re not sticking around.

  2. Actually, what’s really weird is…I think I’m more disappointed that Catherine Tate’s leaving after only a season.

    So, going into the 2010 season (I suspect Tennant may bow out in one of the 2009 specials that are being made in lieu of a full season that year), you’d have a new Doctor and a new companion. I guess the gambit is that, by that time, with the wide public exposure that the show has gotten, the viewers will be familiar enough with the basic concepts of the show to withstand that kind of gear-shift.

    Guess we’ll find out. They’re zooming toward the Doctor’s last life – hopefully Michael Jayston is still around to reprise the role! 😆

  3. Is it just me, or is that picture just beg for the caption, “How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!”?

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