The Baby Scare

I’ve got to be up in about 4 hours, so there must be some reason I’m still bloody awake at 3:30. Oh yeah – must be that whole business tonight where we thought Jan was going into labor or something. She was feeling craptacular in the early afternoon, and after getting some advice from our doula she laid back down. Then she woke up feeling craptabulous, and then it was pretty obvious we were heading to the hospital, despite the lack of contractions. A few hours and some lab tests later, she was sent home, both for tonight and for tomorrow (meaning she’s not going to work). She’s gotten to sleep already, but I’m still having a hard time coming down from that scare, despite being effing exhausted at this point. So look out tomorrow: I’m going to be really effing exhausted.

I rather stupidly suggested on the DP forums that next year’s CGE could feature a live MST3K-style treatment of some classic video game movies – Tron, Joy Sticks, take your pick. I also helpfully volunteered Tim Snider and Flack to help me (for which I’m sure they’ll be eternally grateful). The realization has since hit me that I may not be able to go next year, what with a not-quite-a-year-old child and all, but now that I’ve given voice to that idea, I’m seeing visions of replacing Crow and Servo with stuff like a talking Space Invader and a talking Yar (fashioned out of the most cheap-ass chunks of flexible packing foam you can imagine). This could really work. I just may need to start to distance myself from the idea that I may necessarily be the one doing it. (Sad thing is, we’d never, ever, in a zillion years, be able to include it on the DVD, which at the very least I hope I’m able to come and shoot for 2008 even if I don’t go all MSTie-eyed.) (Maybe I should finish editing the 2007 footage first before I get into all this crazy 2008 talk.) (Sorry about all these brackets.*)

I’ll have more to say later, maybe, if I get around to the whole regaining-consciousness thing. But I’m fading pretty fast now, so I think I’m blogging myself to sleep here. Probably having the same effect on you lot. If so, let me know when you wake up, and I can start selling my blog entries as a cure for insomnia.

* an in-joke that only a very, very few people will ever even consider getting.

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