Amazing what turns up when cleaning my old room.

Jump Cut City raw tapes

These are the Jump Cut City raw tapes, straight out of the camcorder, the original footage that we’d pile layers of sound effects, etc. onto later. When there was a big Burchuss scene, we’d dub Burchuss speech audio directly onto these tapes as well. What a find! If one had professional editing gear and time, one could probably do a Lucas number on these…oh…wait.

Jump Cut City raw tapes

I’m going to have to look at some of this stuff and see what’s on it, because several of these JCC adventures never ever got finished.

Boxed Kitten

We’ve been boxing stuff up to store it away and get it out of the baby room, though obviously we wind up with the wrong thing in the wrong container from time to time…

Boxed Kitten

(Don’t worry, that lid was closed for all of three seconds, and wasn’t locked down. On the flipside, Olivia’s not jumping into every box we’re unpacking or repacking now…)

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