Did quite a bit of cooking today, including a chocolate cake I’m a little bit too fond of. Also swapped out amps in the living room so the Mrs. would have her beloved KLH amp back in place. The big difference between that one and what was in there? A remote control. I also found that I had to rewire the entire speaker system because a number of small, four-legged rewiring experts who shall remain nameless had undone a lot of what was already in place; amp swap or no, two speakers out of a five-speaker surround setup were still plugged in. Argh. I redid it so that there aren’t any dangling speaker cables for the, erm, experts to play with.

Here’s a little sneak peak at a DVD intro that isn’t going to happen, which utterly breaks my heart. (Yes, I know that there are a couple of models that turned out to be completely screwed in there, as well as one or two that completely vanished come rendering time. ???) The models were downloaded, but some of the authors basically said “no way” to their models’ inclusion in an intro for a for-profit DVD project, enough of them to make me reconsider the whole thing. (The intro, that is, not the DVD project. You don’t get that lucky.) In the meantime, enjoy the show. I think the intro would’ve been beautiful. And probably three times as long in its finished, more polished form. 😆 I Squeezed this into a larger Flash movie than usual for you, just because the detail is worth it. Some of the models are just deliciously photorealistic, and it’s no accident that the “camera” starts out at the eye level of a small child before it really takes flight.

In any event, my heartbreak is cushioned by the fact that someone else is doing something like this that would’ve put anything I could’ve come up with to shame – and when the day arrives that an actual PDF documentary project is ready to go (rather than this one which, while much-requested, still feels like a bit of a placeholder to me), he’ll probably be unlucky enough to be on my speed dial. 😆 (Besides, his home arcade would make a damn fine shooting location, except for the great likelihood that I wouldn’t be able to get any work done there. Ever.)

I’d love his arcade…but I think I’d hate his electric bill. Maybe he should see about making the new arcade outbuilding he’s working on (see his blog) solar-powered. 😀

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