4 thoughts on “Seen at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend…”

  1. The color scheme would seem to indicate the era of the Original series. Now, if he plans to tell new stories in that era, more power to him. (Especially if he can make those costumes work in the context of a modern day feature film.) But if he intends to make the much-rumored “Starfleet Academy” film (or as my sister recently referred to it, “Star Trek Babies”), this thing will crash and burn worse than Mission Impossible III.

  2. MadTV did a “Star Trek: Day Care” sketch circa 1996. Ahead of their time, they were. 😀

    I think they can pull off a “first mission” story without it being an Academy thing. So much for the little training cruise!

  3. If they DARE to cast younger versions of Kirk, Spock and McCoy, they are defecating on sacred ground. This ain’t the prequels, man. We don’t NEED to see Kirk as a younger man. And there’s no way anyone can step into those men’s shoes anyway. It’s is a formula for failure.

    I am hoping that the rumors are false. It’s a no-win situation and Star Trek DESPERATELY needs a win.

  4. I don’t see realistically how they can get around the recasting though, unless they’re just going to do another Starfleet ship that no one’s ever heard of. And Abrams’ few cryptic comments to date just don’t bear that theory out.

    I’ve heard one suggestion that I quite liked – even with the recast, Shatner and Nimoy might still appear in either a framing sequence, or possibly narrate the whole thing, Wonder Years-style. That might just about smooth over the legitimacy angle for some (note I didn’t say everyone, and note I didn’t say it should smooth it over.)

    My gut instinct is that you may as well brace yourself for the recast here. Paramount’s been bucking for it since the 80s – their proposal to do a Starfleet Academy TV series is what challenged Roddenberry to get back in the driver’s seat and create TNG, and even after TNG was on the air, Harve Bennett proposed a Jim Henson’s Star Trek Babies flick (which later got nixed in favor of The Undiscovered Country).

    In the end, if it turns out to be a one-off, I’m sure it can be regarded as much a part of Trek canon as the Lost In Space theatrical remake is regarded part of that show’s history – i.e. a sidestep that’s about as “official” as New Voyages.

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