Red Force, Blue Force

Under The MountainTheo, Rachel and Ricky are attacked as they leave Rangitoto by boat, and all of them witness the slimy tentacles of the creature trying to stop them from leaving alive. Back on shore, they find the Wilberforce hearse near Ricky’s buggy; inside the hearse is not a set of seats for people, but a large chamber full of the same mucus left behind by the sea creature that just attacked them. Driving through Auckland, the twins hear Mr. Jones speaking directly to their minds again and bail out of Ricky’s buggy at the first convenient stop. Mr. Jones is waiting for them, and reveals his true origins: he is a being from another galaxy whose homeworld was destroyed by an outside force – the Wilberforces. He is on Earth searching for a pair of twins with special powers who could stop the same fate from befalling the human race, and in Rachel and Theo, he thinks he has found just that.

screenplay by Ken Catran
based on the novel by Maurice Gee
directed by Chris Bailey
music by Bernie Allen

Under The MountainCast: Kirsty Wilkinson (Rachel), Lance Warren (Theo), Roy Leywood (Mr. Jones), Bill Johnson (Mr. Wilberforce), Bill Ewens (Ricky), Glynis McNicoll (Aunt Noeline), Noel Trevarthen (Uncle Clarry), Billy T. James (Traffic Officer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green