Star MaidensMonitoring Earth radio communications, Fulvia and Octavia realize that Shem and Adam have somehow survived their suicidal plunge to the primitive planet. As the two men wander aimlessly in search of food and civilization, the Medusan women head for Earth to initiate contact with the locals and retrieve their prey. Caught stealing food, Adam and Shem find that they’re now on the run from the law on another planet – and it doesn’t help their case when Fulvia lands and warn the authorities that Adam and Shem are wanted criminals.

written by Eric Paice
directed by Wolfgang Storch
music by Berry Lipmann

Cast: Judy Geeson (Fulvia), Lisa Harrow (Liz), Gareth Thomas (Shem), Pierre Brice (Adam), Christian Quadflieg (Rudi), Christiane Kruger (Octavia), Derek Farr (Evans), Ronald Hines (Stanley), Wilfred Grove (Innes), Kristine Howarth (Mrs. Moss), Jenny Morgan (Katy Moss), Norman Warwick (Desk Sergeant)

Star MaidensNotes: The spherical, inflatible nature of Adam and Shem’s escape capsule may be the one big example of actual scientific foresight for the entire series: it could be that their capsule operates on the real principle of aerobraking in a manner similar to the inflatible heat-dissipating airbags deployed to safely land the Sojourner and Mars Exploration Rovers. It’s altogether more likely, however, that having a giant balloon on hand cost the production a lot less than building a more “futuristic” escape craft.

LogBook entry by Earl Green