Chapter 13: The Jedi

Star Wars: The MandalorianFinally following Bo-Katan’s lead on the whereabouts of a Jedi named Ahsoka Tano, the Mandalorian lands the Razor Crest and begins searching for Ahsoka. When he visits a fortified city, the Mandalorian is asked to help with a problem – namely, killing a Jedi who seems to have a grudge against the local magistrate. With the Child in tow, the Mandalorian sets out and finds Ahsoka, who reveals the Child’s name to him as well as his origins. But Ahsoka senses that a strong attachment has developed between the two, and that attachment makes the Child ill-suited for training in the Force, according to the Jedi code. Ahsoka does want the Mandalorian’s help, though – she has a question to ask of the local magistrate, who has enlisted an entire army to prevent Ahsoka from getting close enough to demand an answer.

The Mandalorianwritten by Dave Filoni
directed by Dave Filoni
music by Ludwig Goransson

Cast: Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian), Michael Biehn (Lang), Rosario Dawson (Ahsoka Tano), Diana Lee Inosanto (Morgan Elsbeth), James Croak (Prisoner), Dylan Alvarado (Village Boy), Mai Brunelle (Village Girl), Wing Tao Chao (Governor Wing), Clark Schierle (Villager)

The MandalorianNotes: Grogu – the Child – was a youngling during the waning days of the Old Republic, trained in the ways of the Force, but was taken from the Jedi Temple by an unknown party prior to Anakin Skywalker’s slaughter of the younglings. Grogu is the only other member of Yoda’s species to have been encountered by Ahsoka, which would imply that Jedi Master Yaddle (Star Wars Episode I, 1999) died before Ahsoka joined the Jedi order as Anakin’s padawan (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, 2008). The fact that Ahsoka is still looking for Thrawn may be related to the search for Ezra Bridger (upon which she was seen embarking in the series finale of Star Wars: Rebels). This is the first appearance of Ahsoka in live action, but not the last, as a live action spinoff was announced near the end of The Mandalorian’s second season.

LogBook entry by Earl Green