Stargate SG-1As promised, Daniel returns to Abydos, one year to the day after he left, to tell his wife’s father that he has not found her yet. But Daniel is shocked to find that Sha’re has been returned to Abydos already, apparently under her own control – and very pregnant. She is bearing the child of Apophis, bred to be the future host of his Goa’uld symbiont. Teal’c wants to bring Sha’re back to the SGC as soon as possible, since she knows whatever strategic information her Goa’uld symbiont knows, but before they can get her through the stargate, a Goa’uld ship arrives – a rival of Apophis who wants to steal the child. Unable to travel to Abydos due to an appointment in Washington D.C., O’Neill, Carter and General Hammond are dealing with a crisis of their own. O’Neill has been approached by a reporter who has far too much knowledge of the stargate program, and Carter’s father, who has no knowledge of what she really does, is trying to pull strings to get her into NASA.

Order the DVDswritten by Terry Curtis Fox
directed by Duane Clark
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Carmen Argenziano (General Jacob Carter), Vaitiare Bandera (Sha’re), Peter Williams (Apophis), Douglas H. Arthurs (Heru’ur), Chris Owens (Armin Selig), Erick Avari (Kasuf), Michael Tiernan (Ryn’tak)

Notes: This is Jacob Carter’s first appearance in the series.

LogBook entry by Earl Green