Who Goes Home

PrimevalThe occupants of the Britannia 7 space station receive sobering news from Earth: the space shuttle that has just arrived to rescue them can only take a finite number of people home. Immediately, the stranded Britannia 7 residents begin sizing up the greatest achievements of their lives, each trying to prove his or her worthiness to return to Earth intact. The competition heats up until Carstairs points out that there might be another way to return home, though it’s a very experimental procedure – one he thinks should be tested first on Mrs. Noah.

Come Back, Mrs. Noahwritten by Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft
directed by Bob Spiers
music by John Scott / theme song by David Croft

Cast: Mollie Sugden (Mrs. Noah), Ian Lavender (Clive Cunliffe), Donald Hewlett (Carstairs), Michael Knowles (Fanshaw), Tim Barrett (Garfield Hawk), Ann Michelle (Scarth Dare), Joe Black (Garstang), Jennifer Lonsdale (The Technician), Gorden Kaye (The Television Presenter), Harold Bennett (The Priest)

LogBook entry by Earl Green