Hot Zone

Stargate AtlantisThe mysterious death of two team members after they report seeing something unusual forces Dr. Weir to order a medical quarantine of the entire city – everyone is to remain where they are, including McKay’s team, now trapped near whatever killed their teammates. Sheppard doesn’t like the idea of sitting still, and overrides Weir’s authority when McKay reports that one of his more nervous surviving team members has fled into the city, breaking the quarantine – and possibly spreading the infection. Every member of McKay’s team who reports seeing a dark shadow approaching them dies soon afterward. The city begins sealing sections of itself off, as if sensing that the infection has indeed spread. McKay and Beckett determine that the growing plague isn’t of Wraith origin – and the latest person who’s seen the shadow that precedes yet another death is McKay himself.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Martin Gero
directed by Mario Azzopardi
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Paul McGillion (Dr. Beckett), Craig Veroni (Dr. Grodin), David Nykl (Dr. Zelenka), Dean Marshall (Sgt. Bates), Damon Johnson (Peterson), Lindsay Collins (Dr. Biro), Nathanni Arntzen (Dumais)

LogBook entry by Earl Green