Off the Grid

Stargate SG-1An SG team discovers that the Lucian Alliance is supplying a highly addictive variety of corn called kassa to several worlds. SG-1 goes undercover to investiage, but Mitchell’s attempt to pose as a buyer quickly goes awry. Their attempt to escape through the stargate is foiled when the gate and the DHD disappear, apparently beamed offworld by Asgard technology. SG-1 is captured and tortured.

Landry sends the Odyssey, a new Daedalus-class ship, on a shakedown cruise to rescue SG-1 while he heads to Area 51 to seek more information from Nerus. The hungry Goa’uld confirms that he helped Ba’al develop a method of removing stargates from the central network, which would give him the ability to use the captured gates to create a new network under his control. He provides little other useful information, but does confirm a fondness for cupcakes before giving Landry an ultimatum – any further intelligence will come at the cost of his freedom. Landry reluctantly agrees.

Odyssey rescues SG-1 in the nick of time, using new implanted locator chips to identify their positions. They’re not the only ones with hidden tracers, though – Landry has packed one along with Nerus, and infected several of Nerus’s machines with a virus as well. This gives the Odyssey a chance to beam SG-1 over to Ba’al’s ship and retrieve the stargates. Ba’al kills Nerus and manages to regain some amount of control over his ship, blocking SG-1 from beaming out. And when the Lucian Alliance brings ships into the fray, the team will have to find a way to get the gates and themselves off Ba’al’s ship before the Alliance exacts its revenge.

Order the DVDswritten by Alan McCullough
directed by Peter DeLuise
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Cliff Simon (Ba’al), Maury Chaykin (Nerus), Vince Corazza (Worrel), Eric Breker (Col. Reynolds), Matt Glave (Col. Emerson), Martin Christopher (Lt. Marks), Eric Steinberg (Netan), Peter New (Farmer), Michael Suncyzk (Vi’tak), Gary Jones (Chief Sgt. Harriman), Ahmad Sharmrou (Worrel’s Henchman)

Notes: Nerus was placed in Area 51 after the events of this season’s Beachhead.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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