Eleventh HourHood visits a “healing spring” that has drawn attention for supposedly curing a young boy’s tumor, but runs into resistance when he tries to take a small sample of the water for study; the boy’s father, who has practically turned the spring into a tourist attraction, insists that a sample will taint the spring’s “aura.” But when those who come to drink the water instead find themselves falling dangerously ill, Hood’s investigation switches from trying to debunk a myth that could stop people from seeking proper treatment to finding out what’s slowly killing the village. When government agents move in to take command of the situation, however, Hood realizes that – against all of his scientific training – the miracle cure may be real, but it may also be a symptom of something far more sinister.

written by Simon Stephenson
directed by Roger Gartland
music by The Insects

Cast: Patrick Stewart (Professor Ian Hood), Ashley Jensen (Rachel), Clare Holman (Dr. Williams), Roy Marsden (Drake), Sandra Voe (Mrs. Evans), Darrel D’Silva (Daniel), Matthew Williams (Alfie), Donna Alexander (Hospital Manager), Russell Dixon (Landlord), Nicholas Blane (Surgeon), Martin Reeve (Hydro Manager), James Vaughan (MI6 Officer), Vashti MacLachlan (Journalist), Smug Roberts (Policeman), Elianne Byrne (Nurse), Clyve Bonelle (Paramedic)

LogBook entry by Earl Green