Stargate AtlantisWhen an SG team from Atlantis fails to check in for six hours, another team led by Sheppard goes looking for them. But when Sheppard’s team finds on the other side of the stargate is horrifying – several deal bodies, in Genii uniform, have all been killed in violent ways – gunshots, stab wounds, broken necks and even suicide. There’s no sign of the missing Atlantis team, but there is an unusual energy reading which is eventually traced to a cavern containing a device of Wraith origin. As Rodney begins investigating the machine, Sheppard finds most of the missing Atlantis team, again killed violently – and their commanding officer is still out there, though he thinks that his Atlantis crewmates are the enemy. But Ronon and Sheppard begin to experience paranoid hallucinations that make them just as dangerous as the man they’re trying to bring home safely, and soon Sheppard poses more of a threat to his own team.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Carl Binder
directed by Martin Wood
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: David Nykl (Dr. Zelekna), Dexter Bell (Lt. Barroso), Nels Lennarson (Captain), Colby Johannson (Lt. Kagan), Gidon Karmel (Major Leonard), Anna Williams (Female Tech), Patrick Sabongui (Taliban Guard), Bam Bam (Wraith), Dan Payne (Super Soldier)

LogBook entry by Earl Green