The Lost Boys

Stargate AtlantisFollowing up on a lead to the possible location of a ZPM, Sheppard, Teyla, Rodney and Ronon are abducted by a group of humans and taken through a stargate – and Sheppard is stunned to see Ford is in charge of their captors. Still given superhuman strength and agility as long as he continues to find sources of the Wraith enzyme, Ford introduces his new colleagues to the enzyme as well. Over time, Ford and his friends have learned to refine the Wraith enzyme – and even to process it into food form, which he feeds to Sheppard’s team without warning them. After drugging them with their first dose of the enzyme, Ford and his men free the Atlantis team to let them explore their new abilities. Ford’s men are doing their own part to fight the Wraith, using means that might not meet the Atlantis team’s approval, and to Rodney’s horror, Sheppard finds himself considering joining Ford for at least one attack on a hive ship – as a cover for getting his own team home. But Ford’s plan, using a stolen Wraith dart, doesn’t quite go as planned – and neither does Sheppard’s plan to return to Atlantis.

Order the DVDswritten by Martin Gero
excerpt written by Robert C. Cooper
directed by Brad Turner
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Rainbow Sun Francks (Aiden Ford), Kavan Smith (Major Lorne), Aaron Abrams (Kanayo), David Nykl (Dr. Zelenka), Paul Anthony (Jace), Woody Jeffreys (Bouncer / Guard #1), Aleks Holtz (Guard #2), James Lafaznos (Wraith Male), Andee Frizzell (Wraith Hive Queen)

LogBook entry by Earl Green