Stargate SG-1An attempt to open the SGC gate is halted before transit can occur due to an unusual security concern – the ID code used to open the gate is Carter’s, but it’s also four months out of date. When a MALP is sent through to investigate, what it finds on the other side is Carter – a Replicator Carter created by Fifth. The Replicator Carter claims that she has escaped Fifth’s control and has come to warn her human counterpart of a new breed of Replicator immune to the disruptor, and Carter decides to let her through. Once on the base, the Replicator shares with Carter her memories of Fifth’s torturous indoctrination sessions, forcing the Carter clone to kill her teammates in holographic simulations. Carter warily trusts the Replicator to help find a way to destroy the almost-undetectable human Replicators, but Teal’c and O’Neill aren’t so confident. And while the Carter clone does help to fend off the Replicator ship on a heading for Earth, it turns out that the skepticism about her mission and motives wasn’t entirely unjustified.

Order the DVDswritten by Peter DeLuise
directed by William Waring
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Patrick Currie (Fifth), Gary Jones (Chief Sgt. Walter Harriman), Dan Shea (Sgt. Siler)

LogBook entry by Earl Green