Stargate AtlantisA seemingly quiet reconnaisance mission is shattered by the appearance of a Wraith dart, which leaves Dr. Beckett unharmed but snatches up Rodney and Lt. Cadman, their armed escort. Sheppard and his troops shoot the Dart down, but when the beam is reversed, only Rodney’s body appears – and yet he insists he can hear Lt. Cadman in his head. As he spends more time with his unexpected visitor, Rodney can be seen having arguments in the halls of Atlantis with someone who no one else can see or hear. Cadman insists on coaching Rodney during a much-anticipated date, but even a woman’s insight can do so much to help the socially inept scientist. And when Rodney does devise a plan to reconstitute Lt. Cadman’s body, it’s not guaranteed to help him escape with his sanity or, for that matter, his life.

Order the DVDswritten by Martin Gero
directed by Peter DeLuise
music by Joel Goldsmith

Guest Cast: Jaime Ray Newman (Lt. Cadman), Claire Rankin (Dr. Heightmeyer), Kavan Smith (Major Lorne), David Nykl (Dr. Zelenka), Brenda James (Dr. Brown), Jeffrey Robinson (Wraith Pilot), Tina-Jane Krohn (Scientist)

LogBook entry by Earl Green