Space: Above And BeyondUnder fire on the planet Minerva, the 58th take shelter in a tank dubbed “Pearly,” piloted by the only surviving member of its original crew. With the Chigs hot on their trail, the Marines’ only hope of survival is the well-worn tank. But a small group of AIs is also on Minerva, and they see Pearly’s power supply as their own salvation – and even if it means forcing the humans to sacrifice their own safety and their only means of defense, the AIs won’t hesitate to take it.

Order the DVDwritten by Richard Whitley
directed by Charles Martin Smith
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Doug Hutchison (Elroy El), Martin Jarvis (Major Cyril MacKendrick), Adam Goldberg (Sgt. Louie Fox), Guy Garner (Marine), Kimberly Patton (Feliciti)

LogBook entry by Earl Green