Red Light + Cold Hard Facts

Metal Hurlant ChroniclesThe crew of the starship Atlanta goes about business as usual until a blue comet slams into the ship. Already suited up for routine maintenance work, Stanley Summers escapes the carnage by climbing into an escape shuttle, which his discovers is manned by two other crew members. Their only problem? Something, possibly debris from the destruction of the Atlanta, has pierced the hull, resulting in an air leak that will leave the shuttle capable of barely sustaining two men long enough for rescue. The two men who were already there decide Stanley must go. But will sacrificing only one man ensure their survival?

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by Guillaume Lubrano & Justine Veillot
based on a story written by R.A. Jones and illustrated by Ryan Sook
directed by Guillaume Lubrano
music by Jesper Kyd

Metal Hurlant ChroniclesCast: Craig Fairbrass (Timarek), Dominique Pinon (Stanley Summers), Eriq Esquaney (Kaskoff), Andy Chase (Guard 1), Nathan Rippy (Guard 2), Yasmine Lafitte (Atlanta Captain), Franck DeLay (Officer)

Notes: The comic story of the same title as the episode appeared in Metal Hurlant #139, published in June 2003. This is the first occasion on which the Metal Hurlant has a direct impact on the story (quite literally, in this case). Andy Chase is also the show’s casting director for ADR and dubbing.

LogBook entry by Earl Green