Shelter Me

Metal Hurlant ChroniclesA young woman wakes up in a bomb shelter, with only her older next door neighbor – a man her father has repeatedly described as “creepy” – for company. He tells her that the world outside has been laid to waste. So far as he knows, they’re the last two human beings left alive; a lead door protects them from what’s outside. Or so he tells her. She discovers that he’s been “admiring” her from afar for some time. Now she doesn’t know if anything he’s told her about the world beyond that door is true…or if she’s any safer if she stays where she is.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by Guillaume Lubrano, Justine Veillot & Dan Wickline
based on a story written by Dan Wickline and illustrated by Mark Vigoroux
directed by Guillaume Lubrano
Metal Hurlant Chroniclesmusic by Jesper Kyd

Cast: Michelle Ryan (Jennifer), James Marsters (Brad Davis)

Notes: As with the previous episode, the comic story of the same title as this episode appeared in Metal Hurlant #142, published in December 2003.

LogBook entry by Earl Green