King’s Crown

Metal Hurlant ChroniclesThe aging, bloated ruler of a kingdom floating in the clouds nears death, and contenders for the throne line up to do battle. In the time-honored tradition, they state their qualifications to rule, and fight to the death until only one man is left standing. One man, Guillam, promises reform: he will put technology to work for the people instead of making the people slaves to technology. But to put his agenda into play, he must still kill. Does he have what it takes to avoid becoming just a cog in a very literal political machine?

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by Guillaume Lubrano & Justine Veillot
based on a story written by Jim Alexander and illustrated by Richard Corben
directed by Guillaume Lubrano
music by Jesper Kyd

<Metal Hurlant Chroniclesem>Cast: Scott Adkins (Guillam), Michael Jai White (Teague), Matt Mullins (Julian), Darren Shahlavi (Adam), Marinela Botis (Spectator), Puiu Mitea (Spectator), Ion Bechet (Spectator), Tatar Anca (Spectator), Gabriel Velicu (Spectator), Idan Roxin (Spectator), Stan Niculae (Spectator)

Notes: The comic story of the same title as the episode appeared in Metal Hurlant #142, published in December 2003.

LogBook entry by Earl Green