Episode 3

The Max Headroom ShowMax starts warming up early for his next celebrity interview with two members of Duran Duran, though he seems more fixated on such topics as golf shoes and favorite major cities to ask them about Duran Duran (which is just as well, as they’re there to promote a side project called Arcadia instead). Max promises to share valuable tips on how to interview celebrities, shortly before his monitor is switched off by Simon Le Bon.

The Max Headroom Showwritten by Paul Owen & David Hansen and Tim John
directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel

Cast: Matt Frewer (Max Headroom), Simon Le Bon (himself), Nick Rhodes (himself)

Videos: “Steamhammer Sam” (Intaferon), “Heaven” (Bryan Adams), “Over The Sea” (Jesse Rae), “Goodbye Tonsils” (Severed Heads), “Election Day” (Arcadia), “Loving The Alien” (David Bowie)

Notes: Arcadia was a very short-lived side dish featuring three members of Duran Duran, collaborating during a lengthy break between album sessions and tours for their better-known project. It was at roughly the same time that the rest of Duran Duran, with a few other musicians, formed The Power Station. Both extracurricular projects disbanded in 1985 as Duran Duran reformed for another album.

LogBook entry by Earl Green