Episode 4

The Max Headroom ShowMax contemplates the possibility that the good luck charms drivers hang from their rear view mirrors may end up distracting them (and making them less safe behind the wheel). After insulting moths everywhere and listening to the London talking clock, Max interrogates The Who’s Roger Daltrey about his budding acting career and his post-Who solo projects. And, of course, Max can’t resist bringing up the topic of golf.

The Max Headroom Showwritten by Paul Owen & David Hansen
directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel

Cast: Matt Frewer (Max Headroom), Roger Daltrey (himself)

Videos: “Love’s Great Adventure” (Ultravox), “Driving In My Car” (Madness), “Let Me Go” (Heaven 17), “Call Me” (Go West), “Jeans Not Happening” (Pale Fountains), “After The Fire” (Roger Daltrey), “Act Of War” (Elton John and Millie Jackson)

Note: Roger Daltrey’s name is misspelled “Daltry” during his interview. Despite the faint derision (and bad spelling) with which Max addresses Daltrey’s acting career, the Who vocalist would later find himself in demand for guest shots on such series as Highlander, Sliders and Witchblade.

LogBook entry by Earl Green