Lost In SpaceOn Earth, before the launch of the Resolute, future space colonist Jessica Harris offers her material belongings – her home, clothes, car – to her sister June, whose criminal background will probably prevent her from ever having those things otherwise. But June Harris doesn’t want Jessica’s worldly possessions…she wants her otherworldly future.

The Robinsons are unaware that June Harris has joined them aboard the Jupiter 2, in the guise of “Dr. Z. Smith”, an identity she stole from a scientist aboard the Resolute so she could abandon ship. Since she hasn’t actually trained for the mission, “Smith” is of little use as Maureen directs her family to conduct repairs so the Jupiter 2 can blast its way out of the glacier in which it’s trapped, but then the Robinsons notice the rapidly dropping fuel level…and then the robot locks Will in a closet, warning of danger to the ship…and then John finds and kills a parasite which is eating the fuel. Before long, the tanks will contain more eels than fuel.

written by Zack Estrin
directed by Tim Southam
music by Christopher Lennertz
original Lost In Space theme by John Williams

Lost In SpaceCast: Toby Stephens (John Robinson), Molly Parker (Maureen Robinson), Maxwell Jenkins (Will Robinson), Taylor Russell (Judy Robinson), Mina Sundwall (Penny Robinson), Ignacio Serricchio (Don West), Parker Posey (Dr. Smith), Brian Steele (Robot), Selma Blair (Jessica Harris), Shaun Parkes (Captain Radic), Jon Cor (Resolute Officer), Natalie Von Rotsburg (Resolute Officer), Richard Meen (Mark)

LogBook entry by Earl Green