Love Grows

LexxStanley Tweedle takes the art of looking for love in all the wrong places to a new low. While monitoring communications frequencies, Stan sees a distress call from the women of the planet Orgasmo, claiming to need “assistance” from any available men in perpetuating their species. Stan nobly volunteers, tracing the source of the signal and setting Lexx on that course at top speed. However, the signal actually comes from a shipload of bored space truckers hauling a dangerous biological cargo. Lexx slams into their ship, and the toxic substance comes into contact with Lexx’s biosystems, which then ventilate it into the crew quarters. The space truckers themselves survive the crash and wind up inside the Lexx, but both they and those already aboard Lexx begin to experience an unsettling change – gender reversal. Suddenly, before he knows it, Stan can’t get away from Xev fast enough.

Order the DVDswritten by Jeffrey Hirschfield
directed by David MacLeod
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Page Fletcher (Captain Jeben), Janet Wright (Lorca), Sam White (Rexel), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790), Tom Gallant (Lexx), C.J. Fidler (Nympho 1), Alison McMullin (Nympho 2), Sherry White (Nympho 3), Greg Cormier (Bound Man), Terry Nicholas (First Babe), Lisa Wong (Second Babe), Maury Chaykin (Pa)

LogBook entry by Earl Green