LexxAs Stan, Kai and 790 come to grips with the rebirth of Zev as Xev, the Lexx wanders into the transmission range of a bordello in space called Luvliner. Titillated by its advertisement, Stan and Xev are unanimous in their decision to change Lexx’s course. When they arrive, however, the Luvliner satellite is run down, and its receptionist shows no interest in dealing with the Lexx crew until Stan destroys a nearby moon. Once invited aboard for “free samples,” Stan and Xev are a little let down by Luvliner’s offerings. Worse yet, 790 is abducted by the receptionist, who turns out to have his own perverse tastes in partners. But while the Lexx crew is diverted, pleasantly or otherwise, the Luvliner’s receptionist alerts a bloodthirsty bounty hunters to the Lexx’s presence – and the crew is caught with their pants down.

Order the DVDswritten by Jeffrey Hirschfield and Paul Donovan
directed by Stefan Ronowicz
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Jeff Pustil (Schemmi), Diego Chambers (Aulk), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790), Ellen-Ray Hennessey (Rissha), Steve Sisk (Flintock), Jeremy Ackerman (Proo), Noah Denby (Varrtan), Paul Day (Consort), Andrew Smith (Man), Rick Collins (Fat Man), Tom Tasse (C.G.), Dave Maddeaux (Male Customer), Angela Vermier (Female voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green