LexxWith Kai held in cryogenic suspension to preserve the dwindling supply of protoblood that keeps him animated, Lexx – linked with 790 – searches for Kai’s homeworld of Brunnis. Meanwhile, Zev is still coming to terms with her feelings for Kai while simultaneously fending off Stan’s advances. 790 finally locates Brunnis, and Stan’s ineptitude leads to a landing that the Lexx almost doesn’t survive. Kai is fascinated by what he sees, but Zev and Stan are disappointed to find that Brunnis is a lifeless husk – except for a tour-guide hologram which is constantly interrupted by another holographic projection named Poet Man. Aboard the Lexx, Giggerota escapes her restraints and hunts the ship for Stanley, but instead she finds the remaining Divine Predecessors, who convince her to venture out on Brunnis to find Stanley and the others. After an automated repopulation system programmed by Poetman mistakes Stanley for a woman, he’s saved from insemination just in the nick of time by Giggerota. But her next act is less charitable – Giggerota shuts down the orbiting stablizer satellites, starting a countdown to the destruction of Brunnis as the sun slowly goes supernova. Giggerota wants Stan to leave his friends behind, but when he refuses, she bites off his hand – the one containing the key needed to fly Lexx. Despite the pain, Stan still sets out to rescue Zev and Kai, only to find Zev is about to be dissected by another automated system – a system which has already sliced Kai up. With only minutes until the sun of Brunnis explodes, Stan, Kai and Zev can only watch helplessly as the Lexx takes off under Giggerota’s control.

Order the DVDswritten by Paul Donovan with Jeffrey Hirschfield and Lex Gigeroff
directed by Ron Oliver
music by Marty Simon

Cast: Brian Downey (Stanley Tweedle), Eva Habermann (Zev), Michael McManus (Kai), Tim Curry (Poet Man), Ellen Dubin (Giggerota), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790), Kate Rose (Holo Woman), Rachel Grover (Zev’s Mother), Shaun Clark (Zev’s Father), Jennifer Overton (Matron), Rainer Matsutani (Brunnen-G General), Anna Cameron (Time Prophet)

LogBook entry by Earl Green