The Seer

Stargate AtlantisStill searching for the missing Athosians, Teyla decides to consult a man named Davos, hoping that rumors of his abilities as a seer are true. Indeed, when she joins Sheppard’s team to travel via stargate to meet Davos, his people are expecting the Atlantis team and already know them by name. But his daughter, leading the welcoming party, warns that Davos is very ill. In exchange for his help, the services of Atlantis’ infirmary are offered. Also arriving at Atlantis is Dr. Woolsey of the IOA, observing Colonel Carter’s command for a report back to Earth. When Davos begins to deliver visions of a climactic battle that doesn’t end well for the city, Sheppard, McKay and Carter begin second-guessing themselves as they try to determine how to use the information Davos has given them. And all the while, as predicted, the Wraith close in on Atlantis…

Order the DVDswritten by Alan McCullough
directed by Andy Mikita
music by Joel Goldsmith and Neil Acree

Guest Cast: Martin Jarvis (Davos), Christopher Heyerdahl (Wraith), Jewel Staite (Dr. Keller), Kimberley Warnat (Linara), Robert Picardo (Richard Woolsey)

Notes: British actor Martin Jarvis is a rarity in the Stargate universe – a guest star who has also appeared on Doctor Who. Mainstream audiences will also remember him from films such as Titanic. Sheppard’s fellow escapee, who happens to be a Wraith, appeared in Common Ground. Teyla’s pregnancy was written into the fourth season’s storyline to explain actress Rachel Luttrell’s real-life pregnancy.

LogBook entry by Earl Green