LexxFifi leads his purloined moths back to Water, as Duke mounts an attack on Gametown. With the first powered flying vehicles that either planet has ever seen, Duke makes quick work of Gametown – only Kai and a young woman named Bunny survive. When one of the moths is close enough, Kai uses his brace to lift himself up to it and remove its crew. Back aboard the Lexx, Kai introduces his friends to Bunny, and orders the ship’s moth-builders to construct more moths. Bunny leads the crew to Boomtown, whose residents are obsessed with sex – something that suits Stanley just fine. But when Duke targets Boomtown next, Stanley and Xev may be too preoccupied to help Kai mount a defense.

Order the DVDswritten by Paul Donovan and Lex Gigeroff
directed by Chris Bould
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Nigel Bennett (Prince), Anna Kathrin Bleuler (May), Patricia Zentilli (Bunny), Jeff Pustil (Fifi), Ralph Brown (Duke)

LogBook entry by Earl Green