LexxDumped off of the edge of K-Town, Kai still hasn’t fully recovered, and is helpless to prevent his own capture by the denizens of another town. Still in K-Town, however, Stan and Xev have another problem – Prince has apparently been fully reincarnated. He offers to help them rescue Kai, but naturally his price is still the destruction of the planet Water. In the meantime, Kai is taken to a town where, upon admitting that he is an assassin, he is put in trial. He even agrees to be subject to the harshest punishment his judges have to offer – namely, to be thrown off the edge of this town’s tower. Xev and Stan, however, have become separated and may not survive the treacherous journey by subterranean tunnel from K-Town.

Order the DVDswritten by Paul Donovan and Lex Gigeroff
directed by Bruce McDonald
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Nigel Bennett (Prince), Lex Gigeroff (Dr. Rainbow)

LogBook entry by Earl Green