Knights Of GodIn the year 2020, Britain is beginning to emerge from a bloody civil war, with the country now divided into two major territories: Anglia and Northumbria. Forces led by Prior Mordrin have effectively taken control, though London is in ruins after the fighting. Freedom from Mordrin’s totalitarian regime and freedom of religion are at stake, but the resistance effort, spread thin in both Wales and the wasteland region between Anglia and Northumbria is reduced to desperate guerilla warfare. Despite the cautious leadership of Owen Edwards, the resistance is now the target of Mordrin’s obsession with wiping out all opposition and declaring himself the first King of England in 20 years.

Edward is particularly concerned about his son, Gervase, who he’s certain has an important role to play in the fight ahead. He’s done his best to shelter Gervase from the fighting so far, but now plans to allow his son to be captured and operate from behind enemy lines. Posing as one of Mordrin’s jackbooted army known as the Knights of God, Owen goes undercover himself to ensure Gervase’s safety… but he can only accompany his son so far.

written by Richard Cooper
directed by Andrew Morgan
music by Christopher Gunning

Cast: George Winter (Gervase), Gareth Thomas (Owen), John Woodvine (Mordrin), Julian Fellowes (Hugo), Patrick Troughton (Arthur), Shirley Stelfox (Beth), Paul Jerricho (Chapel Officer), Don Henderson (Colley), Claire Parker (Julia), William Thomas (Will), Gwynn Beech (Hughie), Christopher Bowen (Helicopter Pilot), Alan Mock (Communications Officer), Roger Tallon (Stufio Manager), Richard Love (Ifor), Betsan Jones (Elsie), Rodney Litchfield (Chapel Knight), Alaw Bennett Jones (Myfanwy), Roy Boyd (Fen), Kevin White (Lorry Knight)

Knights Of GodNotes: Director Andrew Morgan filmed Knights Of God in 1985, and by coincidence it aired opposite the BBC’s new season of Doctor Who (the 24th season of the original series, and the first to star Sylvester McCoy), whose four-part premiere had been directed by Morgan earlier in 1987. In another coincidence, Morgan also directed a 1980 episode of Blake’s 7 (The Children Of Auron), though it was an episode that came after the departure of that show’s original star (and Knights Of God regular) Gareth Thomas. Stunt coordinator Terry Forrestal also worked on Blake’s 7.

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