Episode 4

Knights Of GodGervase is taken back to Prior Mordrin’s compound for indoctrination into the Knights of God. But Mordrin has special plans for Gervase: not only will he begin training in the Knights’ officer corps, but he will be drugged and subjected to deep hypnosis to ensure his loyalty. Mordrin also takes the opportunity to plant another layer of orders in Gervase’s subconscious: he is to seek out and destroy the greatest threat to Mordrin’s reign of power at all costs, even his own life. In the prison camp, Julia is detained in the hut she hoped to escape from before, but her jailbreak doesn’t go quite as planned.

written by Richard Cooper
directed by Andrew Morgan
music by Christopher Gunning

Knights Of GodCast: John Woodvine (Mordrin), Julian Fellowes (Hugo), George Winter (Gervase), Nigel Stock (Simon), Gareth Thomas (Owen), Claire Parker (Julia), Michael Sheard (Doctor), Tenniel Evans (Dafydd), Lynn Webb-Turner (Wardress), Will Tacey (Bathroom Knight), Roy Evans (Photographer), Michael Lees (Governor), Christopher Bowen (Helicopter Pilot), Tony Guilfoyle (Sergeant), Spencer Leigh (Wilson)

Notes: Michael Sheard (1938-2005) was a well-known face in British SF, appearing in Doctor Who several times throughout that show’s history (The Ark, The Mind Of Evil, Pyramids Of Mars, The Invisible Enemy, Castrovalva, Remembrance Of The Daleks), Space: 1999, The Tomorrow People and Blake’s 7, though he may be better known for his much shorter-lived roles in The Empire Strikes Back as the ill-fated Admiral Ozzel and in an uncredited cameo as Hitler in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. The electronic alarm siren heard in the prison break scenes in this and the previous episode has been used before in episodes of both Doctor Who and Blake’s 7.

LogBook entry by Earl Green