Episode 8

Knights Of GodCaptured by the resistance, Gervase and Julia are shoved into a cell to await their fate. The fighters who found them – and lost one of their number to Gervase’s bullet – want Gervase executed as a traitor, but Arthur intervenes and talks to Gervase personally, discovering that Mordrin has mentally conditioned him. Arthur sends a message through his highest-ranking contact in Mordrin’s inner circle, demanding a meeting with Mordrin himself. Mordrin receives the message and sets out to meet Arthur on neutral ground, where Mordrin ends the agreed-upon truce almost instantly by drawing a knife and handing it to Gervase. Prior Mordrin’s instructions to the boy still stand: kill the Prior’s greatest enemy. Even if that enemy is Mordrin’s estranged father, Arthur.

written by Richard Cooper
directed by Andrew Morgan
music by Christopher Gunning

Knights Of GodCast: George Winter (Gervase), Claire Parker (Julia), Don Henderson (Colley), Julian Fellowes (Hugo), John Vine (Williams), John Woodvine (Mordrin), Harrie Cookson (Brigadier Clarke), Patrick Troughton (Arthur), Gareth Thomas (Owen), Shirley Stelfox (Beth), Nigel Stock (Simon), Peter Childs (Tyrell), Jacki Webb (Nurse)

LogBook entry by Earl Green