Journeys End In Lovers Meeting

JeremiahAssigned by Marcus to make formal contact with another community, Jeremiah and Kurdy happen upon a group of people on a religious pilgrimage. Jeremiah is a little annoyed when Kurdy accepts their invitation to join them when they make camp, where the two travelers learn that these people and their leader believe that their journey to the ocean will be met with a ship that will take them to a better world. Kurdy alarms Jeremiah by joining this community on their pilgrimage, and Jeremiah continues on his mission alone. When he encounters a group of bandits planning to raid the pilgrims, Jeremiah tries to stop them but is captured. Kurdy must choose to honor his newly-taken oath of non-violence, allowing his new friends to become the victims of robbers, or save them only to lose their acceptance.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Martin Wood
music by Tim Truman

Guest Cast: Krista Rae (Constance), Alessandro Juliani (David), Hayden Thomas (Price), Paul Dzenkiw (Group member), Travis Woloshyn (Group member), David Haysom (Man), Stuart O’Connell (Man), Shawn Stewart (Man)

LogBook entry by Earl Green