The Bag

JeremiahOn the trail of another of Simon’s contacts, a man named Holcombe who may know whether or not the Big Death will be making a return appearance, Jeremiah and Kurdy stop to assist a wanderer whose pregnant wife has fallen ill. In the town of Slag Harbor, they catch word of a traveling doctor who may be able to help. Jeremiah is dismayed to find that this “doctor” is actually no more than the son of a doctor who still has his dead father’s medicine bag, but he’s still the only hope of those who need medical attention. But as if the would-be doctor isn’t perpetuating enough of a myth about himself, his street-savvy older brother is milking that talent for whatever people are willing to trade. When thugs beat up both brothers and steal the medicine bag, Jeremiah has to convince a man who may be the last doctor in the world that what he needs to practice isn’t a bag full of 15-year-old pills, but his compassion…and all he needs to do is step out of his older brother’s shadow.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Sam Egan
directed by Michael Robison
music by Tim Truman

Guest Cast: Jake Busey (Jake), Christian Campbell (Reese), Ryan Robbins (William Steuber), Erin Karpluk (Sadie Holcomb), Shannon Jardine (Paula Steuber), Holly Ferguson (Mother), Bryce Hodgson (Tanner), Devin Douglas Drewitz (young Jeremiah), Casey Beddow (Farmer), Ryan Drescher (Michael), Mike Dopud (Harlow), Nelson Leis (Jimmy Holcomb)

LogBook entry by Earl Green