Chosen Realm

Star Trek: EnterpriseA chance encounter with a small vessel full of humanoids on a spiritual pilgrimage turns out to be more than a coincidence – their leader, D’Jamat, has specifically sought the Enterprise. His followers attack the crew and hijack the ship, intending to use it to turn the tide in a holy war that has divided their planet for centuries. When D’Jamat demands that Archer select a member of the crew to die, Archer chooses himself – and even names his own sentence, “death” by transporter. In fact, Archer merely has himself beamed into the bowels of the Enterprise, where he coordinates a last-ditch effort to retake the ship. But even if he can’t, has the end of this so-called holy war already been decided?

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Manny Coto
directed by Roxann Dawson
music by Paul Biallargeon

Guest Cast: Conor O’Farrell (D’Jamat), Vince Grant (Yarrick), Lindsey Stoddart (Indava), Tayler Sheridan (Jareb), David Youse (Nalbis), Gregory Wagrowski (Ceris), Matt Huhn (Triannon), Kim Fitzgerald (Crewman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green