Ring Of Truth

JeremiahFollowing up on information given to them by Theo, Jeremiah and Kurdy go to visit a small, tightly-knit community. They make camp on the way and Jeremiah is awakened by what he’s sure is an elephant (though Kurdy doesn’t believe this). When they reach the inn Theo told them about, Jeremiah and Kurdy are stunned when it turns out to be little more than a brothel. They each pair off with a girl for the evening, and Jeremiah finds himself quite taken with Polly, a budding artist who longs to leave the inn and find her missing daughter. She convinces him to challenge Yarbo, the inn’s gruff bouncer, to win her freedom. Kurdy feels he’s better equipped to handle a fight than Jeremiah, and, to make his point, knocks Jeremiah out cold and takes his place in the ring. Though he’s sore later, Kurdy wins Polly’s freedom, and she leads Jeremiah and Kurdy to a nearby circus where Gregory, the father of her little girl, works. Gregory is suspicious of Polly’s sudden arrival, and Polly’s daughter doesn’t even recognize her. Her fight to rebuild her family is just beginning. In the meantime, despite the fact that no one has believed his story of an elephant sighting so far, Jeremiah is eagerly recruited by the circus workers to help them find their wayward starring attraction.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Sam Egan
directed by Ken Girotti
music by Tim Truman

Guest Cast: Polly Shannon (Polly), G. Patrick Currie (Gregory), Alana Husband (Cassandra), Steve Bacic (Patrick Desault), Taras Kostyuk (Yarbo), Geneveive Buechner (China), Heather Feeney (Janine), David Cook (Parker), Michael Langlois (Farmer), Tai the Elephant (Lana)

LogBook entry by Earl Green