InvasionAfter his latest heated argument with Mariel about what information he’s holding back from her, Tom Underlay finds himself alone at home, but moments later he is shot by an intruder. Struggling to summon help, he experiences a flashback to the plane crash nine years ago that killed his first wife and led to his first encounter with the glowing aquatic beings…and his first fateful meeting with one Dr. Mariel Varon. Even when he’s taken to the hospital, Underlay is fading fast, his blood no longer compatible with that of any human, until he receives a transfusion from Mariel, whose blood isn’t even the same type as his – or at least it wasn’t when they were both fully human. Russell is confronted by Healy, the man who let him in on the secret of the failed alien incursions in the past, who tells him that Underlay may not be the problem – but whoever shot him most certainly is, and it may be someone competing to be the alpha male among the hybrids. But as sinister as Underlay’s agenda has seemed, can Russell bring himself to believe that there might be a worse alternative? Even if he does come around, Russell may not be able to stop Larkin from revealing the presence of alien life on her next news broadcast.

Order this DVDwritten by Michael Alaimo
directed by Bill Eagles
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Veronica Cartwright (Valerie Shenkman), Rocky Carroll (Healy), Bob Bancroft (Dr. Feld), Monica Garcia (Past nurse), Stephen Alvarez (Reporter #1), Kate Emerick (Kira, age 7), Ewan Chung (Dr. Frances Cao), Lisa Harrison (Reporter #2), Carter Evans (Reporter #3), Jennifer Weston (Present nurse #1), Joshua Gomez (Scott), Pia Artesona (Deputy Sanchez), Mark Colson (Deputy Munger), Kimleigh Smith (Present nurse #2), Meera Simhan (Pria)

LogBook entry by Earl Green